City of Tiffin receives grant to study traffic signal timing.

TIFFIN, OHIO – February 18, 2020 – Tiffin Engineer Matt Watson announced today that the Ohio Department of Transportation has approved the City of Tiffin’s Systematic Signal Timing and Phasing Program request. The $56,052 program is to be paid for 100 percent by Federal Safety Funds administered by ODOT.

DGL Consulting Engineers of Maumee, Ohio, are to evaluate West Market Street (SR 18) between US 224 and Hopewell Avenue and Washington Street (SR 100) between Sycamore/Coe Street and Frost Parkway/Water Street for traffic signal operations and traffic flow, including equipment inspections, traffic counts and travel time analysis. The data compiled are to be used to create timing parameters and models for system evaluation, which are to be implemented by City of Tiffin electricians. The consultant then will monitor the traffic flow following implementation and determine whether any adjustments need to be made based upon field observations.

The West Market Street corridor is composed of 10 intersections of which seven are signalized. Per 2018 ODOT traffic counts, this corridor has an average daily traffic count of 20,158 vehicles per day east of Teakwood Drive and 12,097 vehicles per day east of US 224.

The South Washington Street corridor is composed of nine street intersections (in addition to many alley intersections) of which seven are signalized. Per 2018 ODOT traffic counts, this corridor has an average daily traffic count of 8,637 vehicles per day south of Madison Street; 8,478 vehicles per day between Market and Perry Street; 6,517 vehicles per day between Perry Street and Riverside Drive; and 11,639 vehicles per day between Riverside Drive and Frost Parkway.

According to Tiffin Police Department records, there were 242 total crashes (63 on South Washington Street and 179 on West Market Street) within these corridors between 2016-18. Signal timing has not been updated on the South Washington Street corridor since 1998 and within the West Market Street corridor since 2008. 

Project Kickoff Meetings to begin in February with implementation taking place in the summer or fall of 2020.

Watson commented “With increased development, expansion and growth over the past 12-21 years within each of these two corridors, we have seen a significant change in traffic flow patterns. This project will not only improve the traffic flow patterns within each of these corridors but also will provide for a safer corridor by reducing the number of traffic signal related crashes such as rear end collisions. We cannot thank ODOT enough for selecting the City of Tiffin to be a part of this program.”

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz said “I applaud Matt Watson for applying for this program to improve traffic and safety. I want to thank ODOT for providing these very important funds.”

A drone picture of the Washington Street corridor taken by Mason Hainey of Fly by M. Hainey.