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City of Tiffin
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City Council

Regular Meetings: 1st and 3rd Mondays - 7:45 PM
3rd Monday in January - 5:00 PM - Per Ordinance 92-84
Tiffin Municipal Courtroom

Rich Cline - Council President
Address:52 Hampden Park
Tiffin, OH  44883
Cell phone: 419-618-3137
E-mail: rcline55@yahoo.com

Mark Hayes - At Large
Address: 23 Fulton St.
Tiffin, OH  44883
Home phone: 419-448-0135
Work phone: 419-986-5166
Cell phone: 567-232-0055
E-mail: mhayes@oldfortschools.org

Richard Focht - 4th
Address:25 Herrick Court
Tiffin, OH  44883
Cell phone: 419-618-8878
E-mail: rfocht2@gmail.com

Dawn Iannantuono - 3rd
Address: 79 Northwood Drive
Tiffin, OH  44883
Work phone: 419-448-4727
E-mail: dandi7@midohio.twcbc.com

Steve Lepard - At Large
Address:366 Clinton Ave.
Tiffin, OH  44883
Home phone: 419-448-1177

Jim Roberts - 1st
Address:110 Circular St.
Tiffin, OH  44883
Home phone: 419-448-0740
E-mail: robertsjb2009@yahoo.com

Joe Hartzell - 2nd
Address:199 E. Davis St.
Tiffin, OH  44883
Home phone: 419-448-4810
E-mail: joe.hartzell67@gmail.com

Tyler Shuff - At Large
Address:100 1/2 Madison St.
Tiffin, OH  44883
Cell phone: 419-618-9515
E-mail: shuffy_70@yahoo.com

Standing Committees

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