Ella street weight restrictions


Load restrictions placed on Ella Street Canal Bridge City plans bridge replacement
TIFFIN, OHIO – October 29, 2018 – As part of the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Municipal Bridge Inspection/Load Rating Program, DGL Consulting Engineers recently informed the City of Tiffin that their inspection of the Ella Street Canal Bridge revealed evidence that there is rapid deterioration to the bridge’s center beam. Furthermore, per DGL Consulting Engineer’s Load Rating Report, it has been advised to the City of Tiffin to place weight restrictions on the Ella Street Canal Bridge as soon as possible.

The city is in the process of posting the new weight limits at the Ella Street Canal Bridge and is actively planning the logistics and funding of bridge replacement. The plan is to replace the canal bridge at the same time that the larger Ella Street River Bridge is replaced, in order to reduce the impact the construction project will have on the community, as the average daily traffic of Ella Street is roughly 4,000 vehicles. The City of Tiffin is actively pursuing grant funding for the project, which is estimated at $5-6 million, and tentatively slated for 2022-2023.

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz explained that some of the cost will also be offset by the new Road and Bridge Levy passed by voters in May. “We are thankful that the voters saw the value in investing in the future of our infrastructure and that City Council also took the prudent measure to set aside $400,000 of that new tax revenue annually for bridge projects such as this one,” Montz said.

Weight limit will be based upon the number of axles the vehicle has:
• 2 and 3 axle vehicles will have a weight limit of 12 tons
• 4 axle vehicles will have a weight limit of 13 tons
• Vehicles with more than 5 axles will have a weight limit of 14 tons
• A truck with a trailer will have a weight limit of 21 tons