Welcome to the Tiffin, Ohio, Industrial Heritage Web Page.

This page is the work of volunteers dedicated to recording, preserving, and presenting for the benefit of future generations the manufacturing heritage of Tiffin.

Industrial Heritage is part of our Cultural Heritage, which includes both tangible and intangible artifacts such as buildings, records, photos, as well as traditions and knowledge to name but a few. Heritage is more than just history. Like a family tree it includes the work of those who came before us, what we are doing today, and what we pass along to future generations. In addition to being interesting and entertaining, knowledge of our industrial heritage can help plan for future industries, build community, and provide inspiration to individuals.

Everyone is part of their society and culture, and thus its industries. Everyone is effected in some way by industry and everyone has an effect in some way on industry. Therefore this page is essentially everybody's web page. Do you have information you would like to see included? Knowledge of a manufacturing industry? An old photo, letter, or journal found in a trunk in the attic? Educational information? The possibilities are endless. Contributors will be given credit for their input.

As this is a volunteer effort, updates will be made as resources and time become available.

Please check the page periodically to see new additions as our Industrial Heritage web presence grows.