Keep safe during possible snow event

Residents asked to remove vehicles from City streets

TIFFIN, Ohio – Feb. 1, 2022 – With Seneca County under a Winter Storm Warning from Wednesday morning through Friday morning, the City of Tiffin is reminding residents to use caution and keep safe. The National Weather Service is warning of heavy snow expected, with estimated snow accumulations of 10-16 inches.

To make it easier for snow plows to clear the roads, residents are reminded that during a snow emergency or when snow exceeds two inches, parking is prohibited on designated snow emergency routes (Ord. 303.08-A). Streets with parking bans are clearly marked with signs and are located in and near Downtown Tiffin, and include South Washington Street, Madison Street, East Market Street and East Perry Street. In addition to those designated areas, residents are asked to have their vehicles removed from on-street parking spots if possible to keep roads clear.

In the event of heavy snow fall, vehicles parked along designated snow emergency routes can and will be towed. The parking ban is to remain in effect until an announcement from the City of Tiffin.

Other items of note during a snow emergency:

  • City of Tiffin Public Works’ primary responsibility is to keep Tiffin’s roads open for emergency vehicles. Snow plows clear routes by priority, starting with roads that carry the heaviest volumes of traffic. Depending on the nature of the snow event, local neighborhoods may not be plowed until well after the first snow fall.
  • During a Level 3 snow emergency, stay off the roads to avoid potential accidents. Residents should also check on neighbors who are elderly and those with medical conditions.
  • Residents should know where the fire hydrants closest to their property are and make sure they are easily accessible by emergency services. Remove any snow and ice about three feet surrounding the fire hydrant and clear a path from the hydrant to the street. This will lessen response times by crews in case of an emergency.

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz said, “I am asking that the residents of the City of Tiffin stay safe during this possible winter storm. Keep off the streets and let our crews do their jobs to clear the roads and focus on providing emergency services if necessary.”

Tiffin City Hall and the Finance Department are to be closed in the event of a Level 3 snow emergency. The Tiffin Police Station will remain open and emergency service staff will remain on station.