Mayor Aaron Montz

Tiffin Mayor Aaron D. Montz was first elected in November 2011. Montz’s immense love for the community and his dedication towards redevelopment of the business sector prompted his desire to lead his hometown through one of the most difficult times facing Tiffin since the Great Depression.

Montz was elected with a pledge to be a dynamic leader and unifier for the community. With a deep background in retail management and human resources, Montz has promised to bring an atmosphere of what he dubs “Retail Politics” to the City of Tiffin. He believes in a customer service based approach to dealing with residents and business’s concerns and believes there is always a way to say yes.

Mayor Montz is a 2004 graduate of Tiffin Columbian High School and a 2008 graduate of Heidelberg University (BA) where he studied History and Political Science. He believes the schools and the two universities located within the City of Tiffin are an important developmental aspect of the community.

In 2007, Montz was elected to Tiffin City Council to represent the City’s Second Ward. During his term as Second Ward Councilman he chaired the Streets, Sidewalks, and Sewers Committee as well as the Recreation and Public Properties Committee. Montz also served on the Finance Committee where he was an active voice in fiscal responsibility and advocate against wasteful government spending.

Aaron is the eldest son of James and Betty Montz and has one brother Nicholas. His parents instilled in him many values but most of all stressed the importance of treating others in the community with dignity and respect. Mayor Montz continues to emphasize leading in a positive manner, always remembering your roots and never forgetting where you came from.

“Life is far too long to live not enjoying it; so live your life as though every day were a gift.”

– Tiffin Mayor Aaron D. Montz