Notice of public hearings with Tiffin City Council

Two public hearings are to be held during the Monday, March 21, Council meeting in Council Chambers at Tiffin City Hall, 51 E. Market St.

The first is a Public Hearing at 7 p.m. for the consideration of Ordinance 22-20: Ordinance responding to Petition No. 108 vacating an alley in Davis Estate Addition running east from Oak Street in the Second Ward of the City of Tiffin, Ohio.

Following this, anyone wishing to address Council may direct their questions to the Council President.
Immediatley following the first public hearing, a second hearing has been scheduled for the notice of Ordinance 22-18: Ordinance to revise the Codified Ordinances by adopting replacement pages thereto, and declaring an emergency.

Final approval of said publication and codification by passage of Ordinance 22-18 by Tiffin City Council will be considered no sooner than seven (7) days after the date of this notice.