Frequently Asked Questions

What is the inspection process for opening a new business in Tiffin?

If alterations are being made to the building the Tiffin Engineer’s Office may require permits. You can contact their office at 419-448-5425.
If building plans are required, Richland County Building Department serves as the Building Inspector. These plans will also be reviewed by the fire department before any permits will be issued. Richland County may also have inspections they require as the work progresses. You can contact their office at 419-774-5517
Other resources for help in opening a business in Tiffin can be found through Seneca Industrial & Economic Development Corp. (SIEDC). Their office can be reached at 419-447-3831
When work is completed, but before the business can open, the fire department shall complete a final occupancy inspection of the building. This inspection will inspect for all fire and life safety components such as emergency and exit lighting, proper egress, fire extinguisher placement, etc. To schedule this inspection please call the fire department at 419-448-5444

Is the public allowed to tour the fire stations?

Yes! We welcome the public into both of our fire stations. If a group is wanting to have a tour, we ask you to contact us in advance at 419-448-5444, but if you happen to be walking by either station, just stop in and ask for a tour.

What types of public education are available from the fire department?

For information on the community programs offered through TFRD, please visit our Services & Outreach page.

Can I use a fire pit in my yard?

Yes, but there are certain restrictions. Please use this link to our Open Burning Policy.

Can I have a bon fire?

Yes, but a permit must be issued by the fire department. An inspection of the site may be done to ensure compliance with the requirements.

Can I burn brush inside the city?

The City of Tiffin offers brush drop off at our Waste Water Treatment facility on N. Water St. We encourage our citizens to utilize this service. Permission to burn brush must first be granted through the Ohio EPA and then a permit issued by our fire department. Please read section 1511 on Open Burning in the City Ordinances for more information.

Am I required to have an alarm permit for a fire or burglar alarm?

Yes. The City of Tiffin requires all alarm systems to have an alarm permit on file. The permit must be renewed annually and costs $25. This fee applies whether the city monitors the alarm or a third-party. For more information, please contact us at 419-448-5444
Alarm Renewal
New Alarm Installation Packet

Who should I contact if I have a question about or would like to make a payment on my ambulance bill?

Tiffin Fire/ Rescue uses McKesson for all of our ambulance billing. You can contact them at 800-676-0111 for assistance.

I’m interested in testing to become a Tiffin Firefighter/Paramedic. How do I start?

The Tiffin Fire/Rescue Division establishes its hiring list through the Civil Service Exam process. This is carried out in the fall of odd numbered years, 2017 being the next test. A public notice will be issued announcing the date of the written exam and how to obtain application materials. Applications will only be accepted for those who are at a minimum of 18 years of age, are certified in Ohio as a Professional Level Firefighter I & II (240), and are a Paramedic. For applicants who may currently be enrolled in a Paramedic program, you may still apply but must submit a letter from your program director stating you are currently enrolled, in good standing, and listing the expected completion date of the course. A passing score of 70% is required for further consideration. If your score is above 70% and for those with military experience producing a valid DD214 or who are Paramedics producing a valid Ohio certification, you will receive an additional 10 bonus points on the exam. Not more than 10 points can be earned. For those who pass the written exam, you will be invited to the next step, the firefighter agility test. This test is a pass/fail and replicates many of the tasks we are required to perform while at a fire scene. More detail will be provided to the candidates before the agility test. Those successfully completing the firefighter agility test will be ranked by their written test score and military and Paramedic certification bonus points to determine the official hiring list, certified by the City of Tiffin’s Civil Service Committee.