Services & Outreach

Tiffin Fire & Rescue Division is proud to give back to the community through a variety of outreach and education programs. Learn more about our Community Outreach initiatives below including how you can request an appearance by the Fire Department at your next event!

Building Inspections

Station & Truck Visit

Fire Extinguisher Training

CPR & First Aid Training

Senior Fall & Fire Prevention Program

Be Safe in your Home

K-5 School Program

Carseat Safety Check

Juvenile Firesetter Program

Since 1894, the Tiffin Fire Department has provided full-time protection to the City of Tiffin. In 1997, EMS was merged creating the Fire/Rescue Division. We staff 2 crews of 12 firefighters, 1 crew of 13, and 2 chief officers, holding a minimum manning of 9 firefighters on-duty. The 39 men and women which comprise our department today are more than firefighters. The majority are paramedics and certified fire safety inspectors. Many are trained to the level of Haz-Mat Technicians. Several have training on technical rescues.
We provide our services based out of two fire stations. Station 1, located in the heart of downtown, houses two engines, a ladder truck, two ambulances, rescue boats, administrative offices, and support vehicles. Station 2 can be found in the north end of our city. It is located between two major industrial areas and houses an engine, reserve ladder truck, an ambulance, and our technical rescue trailer. In 2016, our personnel responded to over 2,800 calls for emergency services, roughly 1 call every 3.1 hours.