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Please take a few moments to make sure your address is
plainly visible on your home and/or mailbox. Numbers on
one side of the box are sufficient for the US Postal Service,
but in an emergency situation, they may not be enough to
enable Police and Rescue personnel to find your home.
Choose large numbers which contrast with the color of
your house or mailbox, and make sure they are positioned
in a location that is not obstructed by trees or bushes.
The fancy gold numbers, or those written in cursive, may
look "pretty", but they do little good in a 911 situation.
~Numbers should be posted on a contrasting colored
background and preferably made of reflective material.
If you have any questions, contact the Police Department.
~Number Both Sides of Your Mailbox.
~In an emergency, seconds could save YOUR life !
Tiffin City Ordinance Requires that you do this
 (a)     Street Numbers Required.  The owners of all houses and buildings within the City shall cause street numbers to be placed upon the houses and buildings so owned by them in accordance with the schedule of "House and Business Street Numbers" on file with the City Engineer.  Assignment of house and building street numbers shall be made by the City Engineer.

This information is provided by the Tiffin Police Department




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