Provided as a public service by the Tiffin Police Department
The City of Tiffin has an aggressive policy on insuring that 
the parking regulations of the City are adhered to and are enforced.  
A list of some of the most common regulations that vehicle operators 
violate and that will usually result in a parking ticket and/or, at 
times, cause the offending vehicle to be towed are listed below.
No parking on sidewalk to include sidewalks crossing driveways
No parking on street lawn area
No parking within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
No parking in front of a public or private driveway
No double parking
No parking at any place where signs prohibit it
No parking at yellow painted curbs or pavement
No parking in alleys
No parking in one spot, on a public street, for more than 72 hours
No parking on private property - will be towed after 2 hours
No parking facing the wrong direction on any street
No parking on any street designated as a snow street when a snow emergency has been declared
No parking on a crosswalk or within 20 feet of a crosswalk without an intersection
No parking within 30 feet of a stop sign
No parking in handicapped zones without a permit
Other Parking Notes:
If a sign states NO PARKING or limits the time to park, pay attention to the sign.

Bicycle Registration

Please register your bike with the Tiffin Police Department it is a free 
service and helps us get your bike back to you promptly if it is recovered.
Bicycle Traffic Laws
Bicycles are required to obey the traffic laws the same as all other vehicles 
using the roadway.
Criminal Offenses
Some of the more common criminal offenses that may result in an arrest or a 
summons being issued requiring you to appear at the Tiffin Municipal Court 
are listed here.
Disorderly Conduct  engage in conduct likely to be annoying, offensive or 
cause inconvenience to another.  Example may include but are not limited to 
loud parties, public urination, offensive behavior or fighting
Underage Consumption and/or Underage Possession of Alcohol  any person 
under the age of 21 who possesses or consumes any alcoholic beverage to 
include beer
Littering  on public or private property
Open Container of an Alcoholic Beverage
Criminal Damaging  purposely damaging the property of another
Criminal Mischief - tampering with, defacing the property of another
Fictitious Identification
Sound Amplification  emit noise from a motor vehicle that can be heard from 
at least 100 feet away from the vehicle