Zoning Board to have hearings

The City of Tiffin Zoning Board of Appeals is to have a public hearings for two variance requests at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019, at City Hall, 51 E. Market St.

Jeremy Kiser has requested a variance to reduce a setback for a side yard abutting a street from 25′ to 4′ to construct an accessory structure located at 77 W. Market St., Tiffin.

Carol Dell, representing the Seneca Habitat for Humanity Incorporation, has requested a variance to install a cold storage trailer with temporary signage limited to a total of 100 square feet located on Lot 12, Parcel #QS3021188161200, Tiffin, for a period of time to exceed the temporary status of 12 months, and to be removed immediately upon completion of the construction activity within the Seneca Habitat for Humanity Subdivision.

Notifications were to be sent to all property owners within a 200′ radius of the subject properties.